.smells like teen spirit.

Designers at New York Fashion Week are channeling slacker-era Seattle’s unruly fashion with an affectionate tribute to all things grunge. The autumn/winter ‘11 shows are “haute off the street” with a Nirvana-style revival that hints at another whiff of teen-spirit in the air (yessssssss!). All too reminiscent of the early ’90s inspired trend, this prevailing motif suggests that every step forward yields one step back. Personally, I have always loved the 90's grunge look. I thought I was so sooo cool in 1998 wearing my essentials:

ü     black nail polish that I would buy at Hot Topic (when it wasn't even Halloween)
ü     Doc Martins, of course
ü     lace
ü     mood rings and thumb rings
ü     flannel (I still die for flannel)
ü     black....anything and everything black (my dad always told me "your closet looks like a funeral!"
ü     my torn cutoff Levi's
    ADAM F2011 RTW

    Joseph Altuzarra F2011 RTW

    Richard Chai Love F2011 RTW

    Y-3 F2011 RTW
    Ahhhhh...the good 'ol days. Glad they're back. I welcome you with open arms, while wearing flannel...obvi.
    What are YOUR thoughts on the return of the 90's?? 
    mmmmmm guess who?

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