smells like teen spirit.

This past weekend the boyfriend and I decided to go on one of our driving adventures, and get out of LA. We decided to drive up through Ojai and into Frazier Park, just near the 5 freeway. It was gorgeous! From horses and estates in Ojai,  to 1 foot of snow in 65 degree weather in Frazier Park. 
It was really really pretty. 
I threw on a pretty standard outfit for the 4 hour car adventure...although, the boyfriend seemed to think I looked like a Nirvana groupie circa 1994 (I heart the 90's). I took it as a compliment. Doesn't everyone know the 1990's grunge look is back this fall!

Bring back the 90's!

(flannel-Forever21, shirt-Planet Blue, boots-Steve Madden)


  1. Lovin' the Megadeath tee. xoxo


  2. A lovely post. I think grunge seems to come and go all the time, especially among teenagers. It was never my thing but I do like the soft flannel shirts though. Its too edgy for me but these pictures are really cute and I loved your outfit. Your are so pretty!

  3. Aw well thanks! I really appreciate your comment! I LOVE grunge...I always have...I remember watching My So Called Life in 5th grade, and just loving the wardrobe ha! xx

  4. Great post!


  5. i am such a 90's kid... love the grunge!

  6. Nice post! I like your pictures in the snow :D

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