Well, well well...look who's all growned up. Meet, Jesse Jo Stark. Lately Jesse has been super busy, whether she is designing for her recent collab with Vans, being photographed by the famous Todd Selby for French Vogue, in the studio recording with Holly Knight, or hanging out with her girls from Malibu.
I remember when Jesse was little and we used to dance together in Malibu at Ballet By The Sea, among daughter of Mel Gibson, my bestie who is daughter of Pat Benetar, daughter of Rachel Ashwell from Shabby Chic or the daughter of Kelsey Grammer. Although...at the time, we were just all little girls who loved to dance. Now Jesse is gracing the pages of top blogs such as  BLEACH BLACKWhat is Reality Anyway and The Cobra Snake
Jesse is the daughter of Laurie Lynn and Richard Stark, owners of Chrome Hearts, and her fairy godmother, music legend Cher, Jesse Jo grew up in an environment that fostered creative expression. Now nineteen years old, Jesse Jo is creating her own original place in design and music. Jesse is one hell of a talent. 
Consider yourself, taught. 

Check out my friend John Hildebrand's photography website! He took the picture above, and is SUPER talented!!!

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  1. Jesse Jo is such a badass. Rad pics.



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