A friend, a very talented friend, of mine is the designer behind Bubululu Bikini's. Born and raised in Malibu California, Shannon Lewis grew up surrounded by the beach lifestyle. These bikinis are honestly the hottest little things in the world, and so is she (and no, you cant hate her because she has a smashing bod and a model face along with mad skills. She's uber nice and sweet too. I know, barf...she's perfection in a bikini). The collecion has just enough sex appeal and class, all in one itty bitty thing (so go for that run tonight and do an extra squat in there!)! The talented bikini designer and company founder, is a fellow FIDM graduate, and is known for rocking her own itsy bitsy bikini's on local Malibu and Hawaii beaches among other celebs, rocking theirs too. Bubulu has been seen in SURFER Magazine, WSSM, Malibu Magazine, Swimsuit Magazine, The Swim Journal and on hot bods like Malibu local Pamela Anderson, Pink, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria, and Sheryl Crow.
Shannon uses luxurious Italian fabrics in an array of colors, patterns and your go-to black and white. Shannon has teamed up with her environmentalist and designer mommy, Jayne Lewis, to create a line of eco-conscious swimwear. 
Take a look xx


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