So, if you are not familiar with Chanel's very own Karl Lagerfeld's ice cream company Magnum...then consider yourself in the know now. Karl is directing 3 short ice cream videos staring Rachel Bilson. The second one was just released. 
However-I'm not going to lie...do I want to try a Magnum Ice Cream bar? YES! They look delicious and I just found out they are sold at many locations, i.e. the Ralphs near my house hehehe. 
Am I oddly creeped out by these videos and left feeling awkward...YES! 
Bilson plays an art student having a less than stellar day, she makes eyes with Baptise and feels better after an ice cream bar. Watch and find out for yourself. What do you think???

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  1. I had no idea Karl Lagerfeld had an ice cream company! Thank for introducing me to this!
    - Marie


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