secret garden

Murphys Ranch-Nazi Compound circa 1940's

SUCH a rad spot the boyfriend and I went to. Im def going back to do a photo shoot ASAP, except this time in some more appropriate footwear. I wore sandles. There are over 1,000 stairs and a lot of walking lol. Funny enough, we weren't the only LA kids to know about this place, check out Purse n Boots post and Planet Blue's look book here! LOVE it xx


  1. i can't believe you went here too!! how gnarly were the stairs down?! my thighs were on fireeeee!!! it's super gorgeous there though huh?? and thank you soooo much for your rad comments---you rule!

    ashley <3


  2. hahaha I know right? My legs were freakin killing me, I like to think Im in shape, and my legs were shaking after ha. But SOOOOO worth it! I want to go back and do a photo shoot! Thanks for checkin out my bloggy blog :) xx


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