Caviar & Cashmere dreams.

Beautiful creating beautiful. 
That is what I think of when I think of the beautiful cashmere line, Caviar & Cashmere. 
 Beautiful designers creating beautiful things. 
Caviar & Cashmere, a mother-daughter team, whose love for luxury would inevitably be realized 
with a line of high quality cashmere products. 
Marilyn Chase, an interior designer with over 25 years of experience who is a former model, 
and her daughter, Caitlyn Chase, a luxury lifestyle/fashion writer who has worked for 944 Magazine 
as well as a model, both decided they wanted to share their passions and design a line 
of high quality pure cashmere home products. 
Caviar & Cashmere marries traditional handmade artisanship with contemporary cutting-edge designs.
I had the privilege of sitting down with miss Caitlyn recently to discuss her new launch 
of the C&C line, inspirations, trends and naughty Malibu memories!
 Enjoy xx

NB: Where did the name "Caviar and Cashmere" come from?
CC: When starting my luxury blog in early 2010, I wanted to find a name that was synonymous with luxury. I thought of two of my favorite luxury items, caviar and cashmere, and decided that what better to signify indulgence than those two rarities?

NB: What is your material made from?
CC: Our luxurious cashmere comes from the underfleece of the small and extraordinary Cashmere goat in Mongolia and China. In order to survive the harsh winters and torrid summers, the Cashmere goats have developed an undercoat beneath their longer and rougher outer hair that consists of the softest and finest fibers in the world. Caviar & Cashmere uses only the best and finest fibers, which have gone through various processes to ensure the highest, purest, and richest quality. Our excellent cashmere is transformed into luxurious lifestyle products, all of which are produced through a combination of sophisticated technology, a profound knowledge of luxury, and a commitment to the highest possible quality in the final product.

NB:  Who is your style icon?
CC: I like to mix and match high and low items and play around with fashion. I dress depending on my mood and how I feel that day; sometimes I want to be classic and sophisticated like Audrey Hepburn and sometimes I feel more bohemian à la Kate Moss.

NB: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? Or Starbucks? 
CC: I’m a Coffee Bean girl. I love their English Breakfast Tea Latte with Soy - I love sipping it in the morning while doing computer work in my Caviar & Cashmere robe.

NB: What was the inspiration behind the line?
CC: The inspiration behind Caviar & Cashmere comes from the different cities I have visited all over the world. Each city is uniquely different, inspiring me through its history, art, design, fashion, and culture. Every piece in my collection is named after a city I have been inspired by in my travels.

NB: Are you influenced by music, photography, travel, etc? 
CC: If so, what are some of your specific inspirations from other art forms or interests?
I have always been very curious about different cultures and societies. Since I can remember, I have drawn inspiration from the world - whether it was a person I met in Israel who touched me or an ancient structure in Rome that caught my eye, I have been drawn to the special characteristics in people and places that make them unique. I studied Sociology in college just to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding about the world we live in.

NB: Do you follow trends at all, or go along with what you feel works for you?
CC: I’ve never been one to follow trends. My closet is like my own little fashion world where I can retreat to and reflect on my feelings. When I come out, my outfit reflects my mood. If I am happy and giddy, I may wear a gauzy sundress with wedges. If I am feeling a little introverted and contemplative, I’ll throw on an oversized sweater, scarf, flats and skinny jeans.

NB:  If you could live in another era, which one would it be?
CC: I would have loved to live in the 70’s. I look back on the old photos of my mom and dad, and they look so ethereal and jovial, as if they did not have a care in the world. I think I would have been very content listening to the Beatles in my Cadillac Coup De Ville.

Caitlyn's mom Marilyn (and business partner) and her Dad circa 1970's.
I LOVE this photo of them! So beautiful. 
Marilyn Chase also modeled, she has such classic beauty don't you think! It's obvious where Caitlyn gets her flawless looks and killer style from! I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

NB: What are the 5 key pieces every girl needs for Spring 2011?
CC: I love the 70’s sense of inhibition and freedom - billowy blouses, flared denim, bright colors, slinky gowns, and high wedges are all you need this Spring.

NB: What trend needs to fall off the face of the earth and never come back?
CC: My friends and I love to reminisce about embarrassing trends. We are always laughing about the funny styles we used to shamelessly wear. If skorts never come back in style, I can safely say I would not miss them!

NB: Being a fellow Malibu-ian, where in Malibu is the naughtiest thing you've done? No need to tell me what is was. Just where ; ) 
CC: The naughtiest thing I did in Malibu was sneak out of my parent’s house in high school to go to parties at Little Dume. I never drank or did drugs, but I wanted to be out with my friends past my 11PM curfew. We had a lot of fun down there! 

(for a glimpse of Malibu's private Little Dume beach we all grew up on I decided 
to add this little clip from TalkBoyTV x Sicky Dicky to entertain you some more lol)

Some shots of the ever beautiful and kind Caitlyn Chase...gorgeous isn't she?!
Make sure you head over to Caviar & Cashmere for some luscious cashmere goodies. 
I can not wait to get a cashmere robe, throw and travel set! 
"I’ve never been one to follow trends. My closet is like my own little fashion world where I can retreat to and reflect on my feelings" - Caitlyn 
For more of Caviar and Cashmere and Caitlyn,
 make sure to check out their Twitter, Facebook and Blog!

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