Malibu High Summer '01


This look book is rad. 
It also reminds me of those summers in high school spent with my girlfriends. 
Join me in reminiscing of that Malibu High 2001summer, the summer of sophomore year going into junior year. 
We were 16 years old and thought we were the SHIT 
(I mean...we actually kinda were to be honest. Just sayin).
The summer days were spent mostly at Lindsay's house on the Point, Whit's house in Serra Retreat or my house.
6 girls, 1 mission...to have as much fun as humanly possible. 
The look book could be almost the same photos I have of that summer. 
Lounging at Linds' pool (attempting to read our summer book for school, which I never did), playing dress up like idiots and taking pictures  just to kill sometime and have a giggle (which we were great at), ordering pizza from D'Amores just so Whit's boyfriend Keith (who we miss dearly) would deliver it, living in our bathing suits, walking down to Little Dume beach to "tan" aka hope to see all the boys surfing and flirt with Keegan, Jamie, Tyler, Trav, Remi, Tyler, Johnny, Zoran, Jeff, Mike, etc, go to Malibu Yogurt,  go back to the house to shower and change to go hangout with all the boys,  crank call the boys, sneak out of the window, grab a flask, 
and then end our nights back at home gossiping about the entire day over some late night Jack In The Box from Skeletor. 
Then do it all again the next day. And the next...

Those summers were my favorite. So innocent...but pushing our luck...
Learning who we were, what we wanted, who you liked and who you trusted with that information.

Linds ♥ Whit ♥ Ali ♥ Libs ♥ China ♥ Esco ♥ Jacqueline ♥ Jamie ♥ Sylvie ♥ Jessie

Forever young 2001

Photos of friends at Little Dume Beach 
photos by Keegan Gibbs

 (The Little Dume private entrance)

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  1. This is soooo amaze balls you guys!! SUCH TALENT!proud proud proud!! <3 U ~ Anna G.


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