fashion + rowing...my perfection.

Sharif Hamza: Hydro Powered

The Director Gets Pulses Racing with a Rowing-Themed Fashion Short

Vanguard photographer and director Sharif Hamza melded Ivy League style with Olympic intensity for his new rowing-based film, enlisting professional athletes and models for a high-fashion training session. The filmmaker drew inspiration from the air of exclusivity surrounding the sport. “Rowing has always seemed to be somewhat elitist to me; something that everybody recognizes, but a privileged few actually get to experience," he says. "I also associate that with the world of fashion. So the context was ideal." 

As a fellow Varsity Womens Coast Crew alum and a fashion lover...
this video was perfection to me. There is something so graceful and prestige about rowing, almost like Ballet. I love the combination of the two, rowing and fashion...great video.

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