Election Day Style

Happy Election Day!

In leu of this very patriotic day, I'm in the mood to rock the vote and the style! 
Whether you are pro blue, pro red, or undecided…I've made it easy to get inspired today with these great accessories. 

Today…Patriotism is the new black.  

Grey City Shoes http://www.greycity.net
CHROMATICgallerie  http://www.chromaticgallerie.com 
Purple Aura Jewels http://www.purpleaurajewels.com 
ADORNIA Fine Jewelry http://www.adornia.com
Shawlsmith London http://www.shawlsmithlondon.com 
Robyn Brooks clutch www.robynbrooksny.com 
ShoeMint www.shoemint.com 

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