4.  J. Park

Coachella is upon us...you know what that means? Time to break out the self tanner, cool hats, your grandma's vintage jewelry and buy yourself some new sandals!
Even though I am not personally going (SXSW did a number on me)...I'm still getting excited for the festival to get here. Coachella always has the best fashion (excluding those who partake in rolling on acid and wear some weird alien neon headbands and American Apparel leotards). I am really looking forward to seeing the photos after and to see what everyone was wearing. 
Above is a collage I put together with some cute LA based designers for some Coachella 2011 inspiration. 
Are you going to Coachella? What's the ONE item necessary to bring?

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  1. Ohhhh short jean shorts and a vintage tank. That is my friday outfit this year!!!!!!!!!



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