I'm on a boat.

Better late than never. 
I feel like I have been so busy lately, with work, and the loss of a very good friend of mine...Josh Newton. My mind and energy have been absent. I was just looking through photos of friends, old and new. And I thought I'd post some great pictures of my latest trip down to Newport Beach a couple weekends ago. It was my Coast Crew Alumni weekend (I used to row in college). We had SO much fun! I miss these girls like crazy...

 Our Coast Crew boathouse! Isn't it pretty! Chapman University's boathouse is to the left of ours, which was always fun when we raced them. 
 L to R: Sara (Slesh), Stephanie (Lifesize Barbie), Molly, Me, and Ashley!
 (shirt: Leyendecker, leather skinnies: SOLD Design Lab, heels: Forever21, leather jacket)

 These drinks did NOT help our Varsity Alumni race the next day! It's been 4 years since I've rowed! hahaa
The Alumni race the next morning...our original Varsity boat raced against Coast Crew's current Varsity Womens boat ....needless to say, we started off GREAT...but came in 3rd out of 4! Not too shabby for a buncha alumni's!

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  1. Aw, it looks like you had a wonderful time! And you and your friends are all beautiful. I know what you mean about missing your friends, I just went to my Alumni Lacrosse game this past weekend and it was really hard to get back on the plane and come all the way home again... I miss my friends! Collegiate sports build lifelong friends :)

    PS, sorry about losing your friend, that is so hard. Hope you feel better soon.



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