One Lovely Blog Award

I couldn't be happier to receive my very first blog award thanks to the lovely blog, A Drop of Indigo who awarded me as one of her recipients for the One Lovely Blog Award! 
When you get this award you have to thank the person giving you the award, say 7 things about yourself and give the award to 10 other bloggers! So here goes xx

1. My favorite color is turquoise
2. If I'm with my boyfriend, watching a movie in the evening...I'll most likely fall asleep
3. I've been drinking coffee since I was 13 and dancing 6 hours a day at the studio
4. I am the only one out of my entire family not from the East Coast, everyone is from Boston. I am from LA.
5. My middle name is 'Collins'-it is my mother's maiden name and I used to be oddly embarrassed by it ha? Not anymore!
6. I am an only child
7. I NEVER allowed my mom to dress us in "Mother-Daughter" outfits-I always my own fashion sense 

And the One Lovely Blogger Award
 goes to (drum roll please)...



  1. Wow thanks you so much !!


  2. ah our first ever award! thank you so much!
    your blog is wonderful!

    sorelle in style

  3. awh thanks babe! I cannot imagine dancing that much, you are aaweessoommmee!


  4. Congrats to you and THANK YOU so much for awarding me this!

  5. Oooh! How exciting! Thank you so, so much for the award :) xxx


I appreciate any and every comment! xx Mac