where everyone knows your name.

...the Malibu Inn
Kim, Me & Jess being silly.

 Kim's Lego keychain/light got a lil thirsty...clearly.

The new Malibu Inn has a this real 1960's baby blue VW Beetle in the courtyard with a PHOTOBOOTH inside! I flipped when I saw it! I want one for my house!! 

(shirt: Chaser from Planet Blue, pants: Rich & Skinny, watch: Michael Kors)

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  1. so pretty!!!! i have that tee too, be careful when you wash it, that fucker ruined a load of my tees!

  2. Aw you came to my bloggy! :) Seriously??? How the hell did it ruin them? I don't think it ruined anything of mine? : /


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