beautiful mess.

I felt this was appropriate. 
As I was driving to work this morning, stuck in PCH traffic...I actually paused, took a look around, and realized that the surf was great. I guess I kind of had a Southern California moment.
 I just love the Malibu, LA, SoCal lifestyle I guess. It is so diverse. 
There were BMW's, Porche's,  and Range Rovers parked along PCH at 7:45am with men changing out of their wetsuits to get ready to put their suit on and head downtown. Sandy towels in their trunk, along with a gallon of water to rinse off with and their leather briefcase's. 
I think thats what I love. The contrast. 
(hense the name NEONblack. There is no such thing as the color black ever  being neon. 
It's the contrast I love. In everything I do, wear, live, and love)
People in LA love to get dirty and do it well, and then transition to prim and proper all in a second. 

video found on somenotesonnapkins.com

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