LAmade, just like me.

If you haven't heard of them by now...

This designer will change your life. LAmade embodies the lifestyle of Southern California, unique and understated. With a forward perspective of its own, LAmade follows the fashion of today, making sure every piece translates into the trends of tomorrow. Perfect basics and novelty pieces are designed with attention to fit & detail, emphasizing impeccable quality and modern sophistication. The collection is influenced by music, travel, vintage clothing, real people, and everyday life.
The new Spring 2012 line is GREAT, it combines comfortable and fashionable, all at the same time. MIND BLOWING. As native Angelino, born and raised in Malibu California, I can completely relate and appreciate this line. Southern California girls are all about, comfort (because life is just too easy going here to care as much as the NYC girls), fit, and something you can wear day and night. Because we all know...we are way to chill to change again after a day at the beach. 
My personal fav from the S12 line is the Palma Tunic. I kinda need it on my body now...I doubt I would take it off this summer. Check out the line at www.LAmadeclothing.com xoxo


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